Dear Editor:

If I may clarify a couple points in Steve Hubrechts kind article on the new Fuze location (see page 35 in the April 3rd Pioneer).

Firstly, Pam and I told the owner several times over the winter of our intention to try and help them with the cause of their eviction by bringing the information to the public. Unfortunately, by the time we booked the ad, they had already moved forward with their new plans. Our support was always received with their thanks as we have always supported them.

This does not at all change the fact that the district chose to shut down the rarest of events in Invermere a new business! Silly us for thinking a food business is reasonable across the street and 100 feet from an A&W! This action could just as easily bankrupt any business.

Of course, we wish the owners every success with their new enterprise, but the the fact remains they were forced to move against their plans and face new capital expenditures and a completely new business risk, instead of a profit that should come in the third year of a new business.

Thank you,

John and Pam Nairn