Dear Editor:

On my recent drive back from Cranbrook, I passed the soon-to-be defunct Canfor mill in Canal Flats, and started wondering about what would become of the buildings and machinery once its shut down.

I started thinking about what else could work there.

First, I thought of Mr. Elon Musk and his Tesla Motors project for making electric cars and the much-anticipated Powerwall Home Battery system. Why couldnt the mill be retooled and the staff retrained to manufacture either or both of those items what a boon that would be, and very progressive as well.

My second thought was to manufacture solar panels similar to the scenario above, but then I thought about what people really need, and then I thought of food.

Why not turn the mill into a large indoor farm alternatively powered, with heated roofs so the snow could melt and the runoff used to irrigate the crops. I thought about how Certified Organic/Non-GMO foods could be grown in back while a small store could be out front. I thought about memberships that would entitle people to reduced pricing versus walk-ins who would pay a bit more, and how those membership dues could be used to offset fixed costs or wages or upgrades.

I suspect that many people in the valley know how to grow food and that an agribusiness like this would go even further to ensure safe, quality fruits and veg throughout this area for a long time to come.

And then I thought about marijuana just look at Colorado and how its working out there. Why not here?

So, if there are any Canfor mill management or employees out there reading this, think about all the above and maybe explore these possibilities they all seem very win-win to me.

Stephen Lebovits