Dear Editor:

You see it happening everywhere huge transnational companies buying up all the little companies. Then after the competition is gone, the price goes through the roof. Expect to see this more as governments deregulate and international trade deals kick in.

Politicians tell us we need these giant corporations because they create jobs. Yeah okay, but only when theyre making obscene profits. Otherwise we lose jobs. Shipping Elk Valley coal to Asian steel plants once provided many more jobs than it does now that its a Teck-Canadian Pacific monopoly. Is there a correlation that today the world market is flooded with cheap Asian steel, and Canadas steel industry is virtually dead. Thousands of lost jobs.

Our local forests once provided many more jobs before Canfor was handed the monopoly. Who did that? The closure of Canal Flats sawmill shows us what heartless psychopaths corporations really areeven so-called Canadian ones. Its obvious these companies dont give a damn about your jobs or your communities, otherwise wed see value-added plants going up. Incidentally, Canfor lobbyists are most likely to show up at a Christy Clark Liberals $20,000 a plate fundraising dinner.

Entrusting these giant corporations with our resources has a lethal consequence. Once, profits generated in our various sectors and regions, stayed in those regions. Not no more. The cream is now whisked off, ending up in the offshore accounts of billionaire profiteers.

Politicians know these giant corporations are raping Canada. But they let them do it anyway. They even reward them with taxpayer-funded subsidies, tax-breaks, cheap hydro and even bail-outs. Not because they are our almighty job creators. But because they are the big donors to political parties. Weve been sold out. Treason. This needs to stop. Vote.

Bryan Stawychny