Residents are being reminded that Invermere is cougar country and to be mindful of that when out and about in the outlying areas of town. The public should be aware that a mother cougar and two young kittens have been spotted on lower Johnston Road. Conservation services have not had any formal reports made regarding the cats and conservation officer Greg Kruger says their is no public safety concern regarding the family.

For the most, a cougar is going to be shy and allusive and avoid humans, she will be more active to feed those kittens. At this point Invermere Conservation Service has not received any complaints on this particular cougar so we are hopeful that they continue to live out of town to the west, said Mr. Kruger.

Mr. Kruger said that area is prime cougar habitat with a healthy prey base making it a well-used cougar territory.

There’s no doubt they’re covering a large area in search of prey but up to this point there’s been no reported problems with these particular cougars. Like I said a mother with new kittens she’s going to be more active to hunt food for them in that area there’s still a fairly high population of deer which is likely what she’s targeting, said Mr. Kruger.

Mr. Kruger urges the public to be mindful when out in the area make noise as the animals typically will leave the area if they know a human is there. If you do encounter a cougar Mr. Kruger suggested making yourself look big and slowly back away from the animal, but again these spotted cougars on lower Johnston Road pose no threat to the public. To report a cougar sighting the public is encouraged to call their toll-free call centre 1877-952-7277.