The District of Invermere will see a new carwash operating in Althamer after council approved a three-year temporary permit at their council meeting on Tuesday, July 11th.

“We’ve given it for three years. He only asked for the summer but the thought was if the permanent plans get delayed or he runs into delays with engineering, instead of making him come back again, and going through it all over again next summer, let’s just give it for three years,” said Mayor Gerry Taft.

With the three-year permit, proponent Daniel Smith will be able to operate his car wash while developing plans for a permanent structure. Currently, Mr. Smith is in phase one of operation according to Mr. Taft which allows for a temporary mobile car wash.

Phase two is what really triggers the requirement to meet design guidelines, said Mr. Taft.

The car wash is located in Althamer, in the lot diagonal from the hostel on the cusp of residential and commercial zoning. The location is challenging in regards to hook ups to the sewer but the district has been ensuring all necessary steps are taken to protect the aquifer.

“That location in Althamer is a little bit tricky because of the connection to the vacuum sewer system in Althamer and where that property lies in the very beginning of the system. So there are some challenges with providing sewer service high volume discharge,” said Mr. Taft.

The district will continue to give directives to protect to the aquifer and to ensure the aesthetics of the new car wash building match the district’s guidelines.