Dear Editor:

Being a new resident to the valley (full-time now, part-time for five years) I have not had the opportunity to attend the public input sessions which were held to discuss the growing problem of deer herd size. Now that I am a full-time resident I feel I have a say in how its dealt with in my backyard by my elected officials.

Unfortunately the time for public debate on this issue has past. The town officials have spent the money and time to come up with a plan (with the input of those who bothered to attend the meetings) and now the plan should be put into action. This is called democracy!

I am not a supporter of government spending wastefully, so to see all this time and money be wasted because a few people have suddenly thought to speak up is troublesome. Now I see that they are wasting more tax dollars on a court injunction. Shame on you.

I shall offer that maybe the time would be better spent researching the effects of overpopulation of deer, like lime disease, deforestation and destruction, and danger to human life when interactions go wrong.

I know that I will be doing my homework before the next opportunity to have my say in what happens in my community comes around. My support goes to the council on this one.

R. Davidson, Invermere