Dear Editor:

Mayor Taft didnt do his homework.

I have used the Invermere Public Library since I arrived in the valley in 1967. I was both Secretary and Chairman of the Library Board in the late 70s and early 80s.

The Invermere Library charged fees for ONE year only, and that was20 years ago hardly a recent event. And every timeover the past 40-odd years that the idea of a new multi-use cultural centrehas beendiscussed, the Public Libraryhas always been front and centre of those plans.

I dont know what the Invermere Council has against libraries, but this current attitude echoes that of the first mayor, Mr. Delasalle, when his council very publicly granted the library a huge grant (for the time) of $3,300 a year, and then not-so-publicly took back $3,000 of that grant in rental fees for the tiny space above the Community Centre.

Its high time Council stopped dismissing the importance of the library to this valley community, and started giving it the respect it deserves.

Anne Picton