Dear Editor:

Windermere Valley Golf Course is in good mid-season condition. This is largely due to the hard work of our grounds crew and our wonderful neighbors. And I guess that we have to thank Mother Nature for all the early season moisture. Talk about a double-edged sword.

Our business is definitely at risk if Windermere Creek continues to move huge quantities of material. This mobilization is the result of the creek cutting a new path away from a wetlands area that slowed the creek and acted as a natural filter.

Our business is not the only one at risk: Shadybrook and others downstream are all facing hardships.

But perhaps the business with the most at stake is the provincial government. The culvert under highway 93/95 is definitely at risk and has already required lots of work to keep it functioning. Yet, it is up to the private citizens of Windermere to fund the actions required in the Terms of Reference [put forward by the Ministry of Environment].

The Terms of Reference is the list of things that must be done prior to any action being taken and how the actual work would be completed. It was my opinion that this list, created by the Ministry of Environment, would take six months to one year to complete, not that it would take that time to complete an engineering report (as was stated in The Pioneers article from July 13th titled Windermere Creek causes flood and drought).

The bottom line is that if the creek is returned to its proper creek bed the same one it has occupied for more than 1,600 years, according to carbon dating all the problems downstream will be alleviated.

We continue to offer great value as we have for almost a quarter century, but remain concerned about the impact on our business, our customers, our employees and our community if this issue is not resolved.However, with hard work, creativity, and teamwork we believe we will be able to meet this challenge going forward.

Doug Wilfley

Windermere Valley Golf Course