Dear Editor:

Honourable Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Education, Scott MacDonald, Deputy Minister of Education

I am contacting you today in regard to the COVID-19 vaccination clinics that [was] being set up in our school district (#6). 

I have contacted Interior Health, our MLA, Doug Clovechok, as well as our Superintendent, Karen Shipka, with questions. Nobody has been able to answer the following questions for me:

1. Who created a partnership between the B.C. school districts and the public health offices to set up COVID-19 vaccination clinics for the public, in which there is zero parental consent required by children over 12 to be vaccinated? 

I am fully aware of the B.C. Infant Act & Mature Minor Consent; however, why is this being used as a tactic to encourage the administration of vaccines in children over 12? The Infant Act has its place in healthcare, and using it in this compass of healthcare is not appropriate. 

My oldest child just received consent forms for grade 6 immunizations. We received an entire package filled with information sheets, vaccination history, and a consent form. Why are the COVID-19 vaccinations not treated the same? Even worse – the Infant Act actually allows the COVID-19 vaccine to be kept ‘off record’ by the vaccine administrator. How is it okay for healthcare professionals to keep a minors vaccination records a secret from their parents?

2. Seeing that the clinics are open to the general public, how are we ensuring that pedophiles or dangerous people are not coming on to school grounds while our kids are outside on recess or lunch?

3. Who will be liable when a child has a vaccine injury? Will it be public health or the school district? It certainly won’t be the vaccine manufacturer.

4. What stops the public health office or school districts from administering or performing any other medical treatments in the future using the same legislation? 

5. If the vaccine approval age gets lowered again from, let’s say, 12 to five, will the ‘Mature Minor Consent’ also be applicable? 

6. How does implementing COVID-19 vaccination clinics fall in line with your ministry of education policy?

Setting up COVID-19 vaccination clinics at schools is unacceptable. Schools are a safe place for children, and should only be used for learning. 

Please answer my questions. This is setting a very dangerous precedence.

I have re-sent this email six times, and have left five voicemails – without reply.

One of many concerned parents in the valley,

Lisa Godlien, Edgewater