By Pioneer staff
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The COVID-19 Immunization Plan is currently in phase 2, which should be completed by April 2021. The vaccine call centre is ready to receive calls from seniors born in 1941 (80+) or earlier. During this phase, approximately 400,000 people will be immunized, including seniors, Indigenous peoples and people who live and work in independent living. The vaccine will be available to anyone who wants one and meets the requirements.  

You do not need to call to book an appointment if you live in independent living or senior’s supportive housing. In either case, your health authority will contact you or your housing operator and book an appointment for you or organize a mobile clinic in your area. Only seniors born before 1941 or Indigenous people born before 1956 and who don’t live in an independent residence will have to call to book a vaccine appointment over the phone.

The date of birth determines when it is possible to call. People born in 1931 (90+) or earlier or Indigenous born in 1956 (65+) or earlier can schedule an appointment during the second week of March. People born in 1936 (85+) or earlier can call from March 15, and people born in 1941 or earlier (80+) during the last week of March, from March 22.  

Other priority groups will be vaccinated during this phase. Hospital staff, community general practitioners (GPs), and medical specialists not immunized in Phase 1, vulnerable populations living and working in select congregated settings, staff in community home support, and nursing services do not need to call for an appointment. It will be scheduled through your organization.

During your call with the health authority, you will be asked for your full name, date of birth, postal code, personal health number, and contact information. Please remember that you will never be asked for your SIN, driver’s licence number or banking information.

Two vaccines are currently available: the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Due to vaccine logistics and to ensure the vaccine is administered as quickly and as safely as possible, people cannot choose which vaccine they will receive. 

The last two phases of the vaccination plan in B.C. will concern the general population. Phase 3 is scheduled to start in April 2021 and extend through June 2021, depending on vaccine availability. Phase 3 will involve people aged between 79 to 60, Indigenous people aged between 64 to 45 and people aged from 69 to 16 who are clinically extremely vulnerable. Phase 4 is planned for July to September 2021. This final phase will concern people aged 59 to 18. 

The call centre is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. To reach the Interior Health call 1-877-740-7747. For more information, visit