By Steve Hubrecht

Pioneer Staff

Mountain bikers, trail runners or those who just want to get outdoors for a bit of fun and exercise now have a new monthly event to look forward to this summer.

Invermeres Crazy Soles store is teaming up with the Columbia Valley Cycling Society to hold a Toonie Tuesday running and biking event next week, and is hoping other local businesses jump on board and to help organize similar events on the second Tuesday of each month right through until the fall.

Were trying to get people together, to grow the cycling club and to create more of a community (for both biking and trail running), said Crazy Soles co-owner Beva Kirk.

The first Toonie Tuesday is May 10th along The Johnson trail at Lake Lillian. Participants can choose to either run or bike the short course for one lap, two laps, or as many laps as possible in a hour. They can also opt to alternate laps of biking and laps of running, if they want.

Mrs. Kirk said the club is looking for other businesses or other people to step forward to host the event in future months ideally having a different organizer each month.

Its super low-key; these are not necessarily timed events. They can be group rides or poker rides. The idea is to have some kind of hour-long event, she said. The only thing is that they are meant to be open to both mountain bikers and trail runners. The cycling club is already on board and will help get insurance, and well use their trails.

The emphasis for the events is on having fun. Were keeping it super simple, said Mrs. Kirk. And hopefully each event will be followed by a social, whether its just a barbecue right there or going out somewhere after the event.

Mrs. Kirk said set up and take down for each event shouldnt take more than an hour and a half.

The final Toonie Tuesday event will be held in October at Nipika Mountain Resort.

As the name suggests, the events will cost two dollars to participate in, with the money going to pay for insurance and prizes. Participants also need to be members of the cycling club, but membership will be available for purchase at the events.

Registration for the first Toonie Tuesday will be from 5:45 to 6:15 p.m. with the event starting at 6:30 p.m. Post-race food for the first event is stll to be announced.

For more information on the schedule, the event or for those interested in organizing or sponsoring a Toonie Tuesday, contact 250-342-2074 or