The Easy Rider Cup has drawn big crowds of participants in the recent past. Pioneer file photo

The Easy Rider Cup has drawn big crowds of participants in the recent past. Pioneer file photo

By Dan Walton

Pioneer Staff

Spring may be in season, but Panorama Mountain Village is about to host some of the most exciting winter events of the year.

As the weather warms up, skiers and boarders will be able to shed some layers and Panorama is encouraging them to shred on the hill in festive attire.

With the Superhero Sunfest on the weekend of April 4th to 6th, and the Hawaiian Luau celebration happening this weekend, Saturday, March 29th and Sunday, March 30th, costumes are becoming the norm at Panorama.

As capes become an important part of ski attire during the Superhero Sunfest, racing down the mountain will serve a heroic purpose, as the event corresponds with the Peak to Valley challenge on Saturday, April 5th.

As a fundraiser for the Branch Out Neurological Foundation, Peak to Valley will see 180 race gates lined up between the mountains summit to the bottom of the Mile One Quad, as competitors descend 4,000 vertical feet (1,219 metres) in a slalom-style race.

It is a race just for bragging rights, said marketing co-ordinator Jamie Hurschler. Its more about having fun and a bit of a challenge coming down the mountains.

From the top, the course will likely begin by leading competitors through the Get Me Down run. From there, they head down World Cup Way, before taking Skyline or Rollercoaster to the bottom runs, Mr. Hurschler said. Registration costs $50 and offers competitors 25 per cent off the price of their lift ticket. Racers can register online at

And there will be another friendly competition happening during the Superhero Sunfest, as the 27th annual Easy Rider Snowboard Cup is up for grabs on Saturday, April 5th and Sunday, April 6th.

A $25 entry fee covers the registration for both days. To win the Easy Rider Cup, boarders have to compete through a banked slalom course, which looks like a snowboard cross course, but not as technical and with smaller features, Mr. Hurschler said.

The contest is open to boarders of all ages and abilities. The top athletes will be recognized, but prizes will be allocated at random through a draw.

The Easy Rider is about snowboard comraderie and friendships and just having a good time on the snow.

And like the Valley to Peak challenge, Easy Rider contestants are invited to compete in their favourite superhero get-up.

The idea for the whole weekend is to have fun with the superhero theme, to dress up in crazy outfits and have fun.

Mr. Hurschler said that the main sponsor, Easy Rider Board Shop from Edmonton, will be giving away prizes valued somewhere in the neighbourhood of $50,000.

The fun continues after the lifts stop running on Saturday, April 5th, as the Great Hall and T-Bar will both be hosting live music.

The frontman and guitarist from Wide Mouth Mason, Shaun Verreault, will be performing alongside WiL at the Great Hall. WiL is a guitarist and singer, and is currently taking part in CBCs SearchLight contest. Tickets cost $25 each and can also be purchased through Panoramas website.

For a less formal party, head over to the T-Bar to dance to the beats of DJ Will C, whos also playing on Saturday, April 5th.

But before the superhero festivities in early April, aloha will be the common greeting at Panorama, as the resort hosts a Hawaiian Luau on Saturday, March 29th and Sunday, March 30th.

Were celebrating spring time and the fun that comes around with the warmer weather.

Guests and staff at Panorama will be invited to suit up in floral-print button-up shirts, floral skirts, and lei necklaces.

With the heat, relaxing, and resort lifestyle of Hawaii we can bring some of that Hawaiian life to Panorama in the springtime.

Mr. Hurschler said that as the sun becomes more enjoyable at the hill, the snow continues to offer guests favourable conditions.

There will be a carnival at the village on both Saturday and Sunday of the Hawaiian Luau, and Hawaiian-themed childrens programming. Theres lei making on Saturday at 4 p.m., and that also includes participation in a hula play at the drama club, which costs $10, and Hawaiian themed Art Attack at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Even the staff will be wearing as much Hawaiian gear as they can muster up, Mr. Hurschler said.

And beginning at 9:30 p.m., Shred Kelly will be at the T-Bar on Saturday, March 29th, to pump the bar full of high-energy

folk music.

We welcome everyone and hope the residents of the Columbia Valley will come up and enjoy the weekend, said Mr. Hurschler.