Dear Editor:

Regarding Kelsey Verbooms editorial Cull is contagious:

A band of distant Ecconiks with nothing better to do than nose into other communities business has indeed made the feral rabbit cull in Canmore, Alberta, less than a pleasant exercise for town council which has ordered the cull; and for the vast majority of townsfolk who see the need to carry out the exercise.

Unless these professional disturbers are all vegans and have no animal meat in their fridges, they are hypocrites as well.

At the two largest animal processing units in Alberta close to 10,000 heads of beef cattle are murdered (words activists would use) each day to satisfy the ovens, hamburger chains, and BBQs of the world.

B.C. probably processes similar numbers each day. Sure makes the deer cull seem small doesnt it? Why is there no outrage at how domesticated animals are dispatched, or the millions of lobsters, lambs, chickens real living, breathing creatures of the planet are similarly processed each day around the world to feed humans?

An outrage directed at meat processing for human consumption would be silly, and so is any outrage directed at efforts made to make communities safer, for humans to live in.

Alvin Shier

Canmore, Alberta