Dear Editor:

We are appalled and saddened that, despite a large number of community members being opposed to it, Invermeres deer are actually going to be inhumanely killed. And yes, in our opinion, clover traps and bolt guns are inhumane.

Those who complain about the deer should by now have had time to get their gardens and expensive trees fenced and protected, as we have. We dont mind sharing the deer were here first. Perhaps the cost of hiring someone to kill the deer could be better spent on helping some other animal-based charity, and a more humane, less expensive solution found.

It is said that there are 300 deer in town and we are curious as to how that number came to be. Even so, if there are that many, how is killing 100 of them going to be a long-term solution for the local deer problem?

The very fact that there is someone willing to trick, trap, kill and dispose of a fellow sentient being is alarming. The fact that our town is in on it is even more alarming. What sort of people are we? Hopefully, the District of Invermere will rethink their decision and come up with something that is acceptable to the majority of town residents, and is also humane for the deer.

Marie Pike, Lilo Fuhrer and Doug Trask

Concerned Valley Citizens