The Invermere Curling Club is gearing up for what promises to be a standout season with revamped rocks to go along with the new ice machine the club acquired last year.

The club’s rocks are currently getting inserted in Manitoba, being reconditioned on the perimeter, and when they come back, they’ll have blue-honed granite striking bands, just like the ones used in the Brier and other major curling tournaments.

“We’ll have them back at the end of the month,” said club president Rick Luyendyk. “They’re going to be a lot more consistent and they’re going to be faster. You won’t have to throw them as hard. It’s going to be easier for the seniors and for the juniors.”

The revamping work involves all four sheets of rocks for the curling club – 64 rocks in total.

“Last year we got a new ice machine. This year we have a new ice-maker, Dave Lister, and the new rocks, so we are quite excited about how this year’s going to go. The ice is top-notch, the rocks are top notch, so I guess there’s no excuses any more,” said Mr. Luyendyk.

The new rocks will be perfect for those partaking in the club’s Learn to Curl clinics, which it will be running once again this year.

“They’ve been really successful in the last few years. A number of people have gone from total beginner to intermediate really quickly, so we’re going to do them again. It’s all the basics in curling, which is great, because when you’re new, curling can be a frustrating sport.”

To tie in with Canada 150, the club is offering a significant discount to new curlers this year, which – depending on a participant’s age and the number of leagues he or she choose to curl in — amounts to roughly $70 off regular fees. For a single adult playing in one curling league, the normal fees are about $220 a year, so with the discount, fees will be $150 a year (corresponding to Canada 150).

“It’s a promotion we’re putting on. We want to get new curlers out,” said Mr. Luyendyk. “It’s a fantastic price for curling. Our normal prices are already less than half of what they are in the city and we have much better times.”

The find out more, including the schedule of the learn to curl clinics, pop by the curling centre during the club’s annual general meeting on Wednesday, October 4th at 7 p.m.