Columbia Valley Métis Association (CVMA) president Debra Fisher recently hosted an information night about the Métis Nation of B.C.’s (MNBC) upcoming election this fall for community members.

Approximately eight Métis Nation of B.C. card holders from the CVMA visited the Wilmer Hall on Aug. 20 for an informal question and answer period to learn more about voting in the 2020 provincial election.

“It’s important for our citizens to be properly informed, and not everybody is on social media,” Fisher said by phone after the event. “Due to COVID-19, and the fact that we can’t campaign like we could in the last 100 years, we’re trying to provide opportunities for people to get information so they can make an informed choice.”

Fisher, a candidate for the MNBC Kootenay region, felt the feedback from community members who attended the information night was positive overall.

However, the attendance numbers at the Wilmer Hall were lower than expected.

She hopes to host a secondary information night for Columbia Valley voters between 7 and 8p.m. on Sept. 1, 2020 at the Lion’s Hall, located behind the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Centre.

“We’re providing you with the information so just come in and read,” said Fisher, noting information about each candidate will be displayed in the upcoming event.

She added this event and the one held previously are set-up as an informal opportunity to read about candidates and ask questions about the mail-in ballot process.

Water, face masks, hand sanitizer and gloves will be provided to attendees at the event.