Dear Editor:

Actions and outcomes really do speak louder than … baseless rhetoric?

Elections may harbour the kind of mindless partisanship espoused by Mr. Taft. Thankfully they also “expose” true character &/or integrity …. OR lack thereof?!

It’s clear that Mr. Clovechok won based on the belief that he will represent us best, notwithstanding the subsequent events of a one seat swing in majority! Yes, let’s not forget, only a 1 seat difference ultimately changed the majority (for now), even though the Liberals received the majority of support of constituents as a single party, province wide.

Why can’t we just accept that they are listening to the very real and important feedback messages from the election and are willing to adjust/amend/change policy directions to best serve B.C.?!

Sad that cynicism over-rides common sense.

I, and a clear majority of Columbia Valley/Revelstoke voters, trust Doug to work diligently in our best interests for the next four years.

David Gregory