Dear Editor:

Thank you for the information on Windermere Creek last week. The issues regarding this creek are much more serious than people may realize. Already the following has occurred:

1) loss of a wetland

2) growth of a dangerous delta extending far into our lake causing accidents (both winter and summer) each year since 2011

3) severe flooding causing damage to property and businesses including the worst winter flood in Windermeres history

4) water intakes damaged by sediment influx and economic losses to these businesses relying on the water

5) public infrastructure damage and monitoring and maintenance costs to clear sediment from culverts

6) environmental health of the creek severely stressed with turbidity levels beyond levels to sustain life of aquatic organisms

7) decreased water quality in Lake Windermere due to excessive turbidity levels

8) weirs that serve as dams are at jeopardy of failing with the potential for economic or human losses.

On May 15th, the Regional District of East Kootenay issued a press release stating the snow pack is at 135 per cent of normal and to be prepared for flooding. This means the amount of sediment to come down the creek and into our lake (increasing the size of the delta) will be even higher than in previous years. There have been two emergencies in Windermere Creek since 2011 and they will continue to occur each year at the cost to the taxpayer until the creek is fixed. Our governments need to fix Windermere Creek before we see more devastation and injuries. We already have the scientific studies telling us how to fix Windermere Creek. The project is shovel ready. The longer we wait, the more costly this fix. We need to listen to the science. Please ask our government to budget the funds to fix Windermere Creek. Search for Windermere Creek on Youtube to learn more about what has happened and who to voice your concerns to.

Christine DuBois

Concerned Windermere resident