Dear Editor:

In response to recent articles in The Pioneer (April 22nd and 29th) regarding lawn spraying at Riverstone Villas in Radium, I would like to clarify some of the conflicting information.

There was more than one herbicide used to spray the grounds. The combination was Mecoprop-P and 2,4-D and Dicamba. These are all herbicides, not pesticides. If any resident wants to know more about these herbicides, information is available online.

An article appearing in the April 29th Pioneer quotes Everett Frater as saying that hes spraying it close to the ground and applying it to the weeds, its not up in the air.

However, the picture on the front page of the April 22nd Pioneer clearly shows the worker spraying the herbicide solution into the air. This method of application continued until the job was completed, causing the air to become laden with herbicides, which lingered in the air not only around the grounds, but in the surrounding neighborhood. This work was witnessed by other residents. Mr. Frater assumed that two of us who submitted our concerns were a couple; however, we are independent witnesses.

Dandelions are not in abundance on the Riverstone Grounds. However, they are profuse in the boulevard running in front of the property. These were not sprayed.

Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that these dandelions will spread and possibly justify the use of herbicides again.

Residents can express their views on the use of herbicides to the Strata Council. Many cities and towns ban the use of these herbicides.

With proper lawn care thatching, reseeding, watering, fertilizing and frequent mowing, especially before the dandelions go to seed dandelions can be kept at a minimum, which makes for a sensible compromise.

Susan Oddy

Resident of Riverstone Villas, Radium