Dear Editor:

I read with interest in The Pioneer that Kimberley has rejected a deer hazing plan. I do not understand how anyone would expect to keep the deer out of town by hazing them, unless it was done on a daily basis, over and over again. I dont think this is what they had in mind. I have chased, or hazed, if you like, hundreds of deer out of the yard. I dont think they were all different deer, but were repeat offenders. I think we have approximately 12 deer that come on a regular basis.

So, build a fence, you say. My other half says she does not want to live in a prison. Not only that, but the bylaw regarding fences is too low to keep the deer out; the deer just jump over it. Last fall I removed 67 piles of deer droppings from the same area. Anyone who thinks Invermere does not have a deer problem is living in a dream world. It will only get worse.

Perhaps all those with a deer problem could put an ad in The Pioneer stating Free venison, no hunting required. Just bring a skinning knife and a lasso.

Len Burkitt