Dear Editor:

Thank you to Arnold Malone for your thought-provoking writing in last weeks paper. As human beings, we rely on communication for our species to thrive. Yet, far too frequently, many of us are forming quick opinions on topics we have little experience with.

Furthermore, we have the arrogance to stubbornly dispute these issues with such savage demeanour.

For instance, whenever anyone references Donald Trump, there is an instant swarm of negative rage. However, how many of us have sought Trumps platform, or have spoken to a Trump advocate? Is this reject opinion of Trump that we partake in single-minded or well-rounded?

Too many of us are establishing firm beliefs while neglecting to consider the possibility of divergent perspectives. Consequently, the art of educational debate is beginning to diminish. Debate allows us to collaborate different perceptions, together producing a deeper contemplation of a subject matter.

To our benefit, we each possess a unique brain, representing over billions of rare philosophies to broaden our education! Yet, we refuse to listen to these philosophies and instead persistently bellow our opinion so loud we perceive only our own voice.

Have we become arrogant enough as to sincerely believe that it is no longer necessary to listen to each other? If so, should we be concerned by such haughtiness? It is time we challenge our presumptions by welcoming deliberative insights.

The grass may or may not be greener on the other side, but until we venture there, to the paramount of our knowledge, it could be the sea.

Sydney Sawka