Dear Editor:

This letter is for all those who do not want the deer to be culled. I myself am against it but I am not ignorant enough to ignore that these deer vandalize property and are a danger to everyone who walks near them.

Have you watched your puppy get trampled by said deer because she happened to snoop too close? Have you had your fence, compost, and/or rabbit hutch broken by deer? Have you been stalked by a deer? Have you had to avoid streets, risking being late for work because you know that if you walked past a herd of deer you are risking a lot more than being late?

All this has happened to me and Id imagine if these things had happened to you, you would understand that these deer are not the cute little deer in stories and movies. These deer are dangerous and something needs to be done about it.

Culling these deer is the only logical action. If we were to relocate them somewhere else, they risk slow, painfully agonizing deaths by cougars, wolves and other predators. I am against all unnecessary ends to the lives of people or animals, but there isnt a safe way out of this. It was the people of this town who created these monsters and now we have to do something about it.

Im a 16-year-old boy. I dont have fears but these deer are scaring me and I dont like it.

Thomas Clare, Invermere