Editors note: this is an open letter thats been sent to the mayors and councillors in Elkford, Oak Bay, Central Saanich and Kimberley.

Dear Editor:

Presently there is no provision within the BC Wildlife Act, or its attendant Permit Regulations that allows for the hazing of deer with dogs. There was a temporary permit issued to Kimberley in May 2013, and the trial proved that hazing can successfully remove deer from town areas.

In February 2013, Lifeforce was advised that staff is working on amendments to the regulation. Once supported by an Order-in-Council, it could go into effect in the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

On December 11th, Lifeforce was advised that as a regulation change to the Permit Regulation, it is an identified priority regulation change by Order-


Therefore the killing of deer must not proceed due to this and many other non-lethal solutions. In addition, it has been proven that culls have not resolved issues. Lifeforce has also proposed to local and provincial governments our hazing solutions without dogs that would not need any permitting.

Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce founder