Dear Editor:

To the Invermere Deer Protection Society: Im not for the cull necessarily, but I am much less for your organization. I cant think of a more petty, ridiculous, poorly spoken group ever in this valley.

Shame on you for the way you have conducted and are conducting yourselves now! Following and intimidating the contractor who was hired to carry out the cull? Really? This person was just doing their job.

Not to mention costing the town tens of thousands in a court battle. Where were you all when this debate started long ago? If you are so strongly opposed, were you at the council meetings making your voice heard? Apparently not, you waited to speak out until the cull started.

I support the elected council even if I didnt vote for the individuals who were elected. I voted, I participated in the proper process, and if I felt strongly about an issue, I would go to council meetings, talk to councillors and change things using the proper channels. This process happened and the outcome was the cull.

Maybe its time to entertain the possibility that you arent the majority, but just a loudmouthed minority. The fact is that there has been no accurate poll of the public opinion. I take issue with the language on your site making it sound like you speak for the people of Invermere. You dont. Speak for yourselves, not me!

150 members? That is pathetic, especially when only half are full-time residents of Invermere. Despite the actual portion of the town who support, or oppose the cull, I doubt you will ever have enough members to actually warrant a strong voice in the decision-making process due to the way you conduct yourselves.

Fraser Smith