Dear Editor:

I woke this morning, May 28th, to find nine deer in the yard. The neighbour said there were 17 deer at 6 a.m., all eating the lilac plants. THEYRE BACK!

If you do not have this problem on your property, just wait and you will.

It was very interesting to read the article in the May long weekend Pioneer about deer-proofing your garden. Unfortunately, the deer did not read it.

They have eaten the flowers off our bleeding hearts, columbine, and they gave the day lilies a brush cut. They have dug up daffodils, tulips, narcissus, hyacinth, and ate the bulbs. Newly-planted lilacs, as well as plum trees and currant bushes have nothing but stubs left in the ground. The only thing they have not touched is the monkhood.

The other things on the list from The Pioneer of deer resistant plants we have not planted.

It makes one wonder what the point is of planting anything.

Please get rid of these long-legged rats. Remember, they also carry ticks, which can spread lyme disease.

Len Burkitt