Dear Editor,

In response to the open house, Barbour Rock Trails.

Putting the cart before the horse is what the proponents have done. An open house should be at the start of the process instead of after trying to sneak the proposal through without anyone knowing and with the referrals over. We have already sent in our comments to all the ministers and the local reps of Recreation Sites and Trails B.C. (RSTBC) and any info now cannot be considered as are comments are in.

So why not go camping and fishing and enjoying ourselves. Our local RSTBC reps are so in with the proponents that they are pushing it through without any consideration of adjacent residents or wildlife.

Its no wonder they dont want us to write any more letters and let the public know what is going down.

No package or information was released until residents and tenure holders started to write letters. Secrecy is their motto, as has happened in the past here and in Kimberley. Oh yeah, thats all a made up lie. Thanks for freedom of speech!

This is not about stopping the bikers from using this area, it is only the 40 to 50 kilometres of new trails to be built in this small area. The Toby Benches Official Community Plan (OCP) states that trails are to be of a density fit for wildlife to exist. How many hectares is in this small area, how much is cliffs and not suitable for trails, how much is south exposure and spring grazing for ungulates, where there should be no trails? Very little is left if wildlife is considered.

On the back of every envelope from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations is the following quote: A Land Fit For Wildlife is a Land Fit For people

Norman Hendricks

Toby Benches Resident