Dear Editor:

I read with interest and some dismay a letter from Devin Kazakoff in The Pioneer. I could not understand how someone could live in Invermere and not know there is a deer problem. Then it dawned on me: he does not live in Invermere. (Editors note: Mr. Kazakoff was raised in Invermere and still lives in the area.) It is like saying unemployment is just a rumour set about by a bunch of people out of work.

Mr. Kazakoff, could you please tell me how many plum trees you have lost to deer? We have lost three; there are nothing but stubs left. How many feet of lilac hedge have you lost? We have lost about 90 feet. It will never achieve its intended purpose as long as the deer are here. How many spruce trees have you lost? We have lost two theyve been completely girdled by the bucks rubbing the velvet off their antlers. Weve lost one Manchurian elm, and had one poplar broken in two by the same process.

How many rose bushes have you lost? We have lost five. How many piles of deer droppings have you had to clean up from your patio area? This spring I counted 67 then gave up counting. The rest of the property looked like a feed lot I even saw a deer walk into the yard, take a dump and leave. What the heck is that all about?

For the last several years there has been a problem with the deer in Invermere, and it will only get worse until something is done.

Len Burkitt, Invermere