Editors note: This letter was sent to Premier Christy Clark and copied to The Pioneer.

Dear Editor:

The Interior Health Authority, in its extreme wisdom, has seen fit to authorize the removal of a dialysis unit from the Invermere and District Hospital and has slated to relocate the said unit to Sparwood.

The citizens of the Invermere area raised the funds within the community to purchase this necessary health care equipment and now the Interior Health Authority sees fit to remove it from our community.

The support given by the local community is being manipulated by the powers.

If you personally and your office or cabinet can show why the people of Sparwood are more deserving of this unit, and why we should be paying for their comfort at the expense of our pockets and needs, please share it with us.

This now means that the community which raised the funds and purchased this unit must travel outside of the area to receive care. This is not right in any form of thinking.

I challenge you to come into this community and explain to all of us why we are not deserving of the care which we funded locally.

Robin Jones