Dear Editor:

After branding a respected local as a liar, in his October 24th Pioneer RCMP Report, Sgt. Shehovac tells us this whopper: all decisions over the last two summers as to when local police attend to Jumbo and in what numbers have been my decision.The June 4th Ottawa Citizen says this:The federal government is expanding its surveillance of public activities to include all known demonstrations across the country, a move that collects information even on the most mundane of protests by Canadians.

Aha, just as suspected, down the chain of command, the Sgt. and the RCMP goose-step to the tune of control freak Stephen Harper.

Harpers Government Operations Centre is the intelligence clearinghouse where information, not only on Aboriginal protesters, but the surveillance of all demonstrations on any person or group, is collected. Yes, blanket surveillance may be a breach of our Charter rights. But Harper is tabling new laws to bypass that, giving police even more sweeping powers. Information gathered by CSIS (Canadas CIA) and the RCMP is freely shared with the oil-and-gas cartel they all sit in meetings together. These meetings are more like strategy sessions that seek ways to sidestep our democracy. Much like democracy sidestepped in the Jumbo caper. If Jumbo had been a genuine democratic process with RDEK directors honestly representing their constituents, there would be no protests. It would have been voted down.

Gary Clement, former RCMP superintendent and 30-year veteran, said hes never seen the degree of political control over the Mounties that exists today. As for his view on the chances of an objective police investigation into the Senate expense scandal, he states, it does not bode well. It doesnt bode well for an honest federal election next year either. Honourable Canadians fought and died for democracy. They may have died in vain.

Bryan Stawychny