Dear Editor:

It is not often I respond to people venting their frustration at the RCMP.I will view some of the jeers and, if applicable, pass it on to the members at the detachment that a concern has been expressed and lets work on the issue if we can.

I, however, will respond to Barry Hawes comments in last weeks letter to the editor.

Mr. Hawes seems to have forgotten the times he has reached out to me for assistance, when, in my opinion, I went out of my way to come to a successful conclusion. In one instance, the incident did not involve one of my officersunder my command.I listened to Mr. Hawes story and I agreed with him.I could have easily stated this was not my problem and directed him elsewhere. Instead, I picked up the phone, did some emailingand argued in favour of his correctstance.My understanding is that the matter was resolved.

With his recent involvement with ICBC and dissatisfaction with the information received from his Freedom to Information request, we latermet in my office and I opened the computer file and hard copy file and had a lengthy discussion on thecircumstances.Again, I helped Mr. Hawes as best I could to understand how the investigator made his decision.

As for his otherhistoricconcerns of his treatment from, as he states, polished boots and wide brimmed hats, I cant comment, but we at the detachment help as best we can.

Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac