Dear Editor:

Re: Doubtful about thermography letter to the editor in the March 18th Pioneer.

Pretty scathing article from a doctor discrediting other medical alternative professionals such as naturopaths. They also have had years of medical university, etc. I personally have turned towards the natural path of taking care of health responsibly and try not to rely on doctors and pharmaceuticals. The biggest part of this, I found, is education on prevention of illness; also, when illness occurs, educating and reviewing options with my health care provider, currently the naturopath.

If I should have a broken bone, etc., the medical doctor will be the go-to professional.

After watching The Truth about Cancer series in its entirety, cancer is one of those illnesses that clearly has alternative treatments much, much more effective than the current Big 3 chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Chemotherapy has a three per cent success rate of survival past five years without reoccurrence, or actual studies show chemo is 97 per cent ineffective. If you did nothing, chances of you surviving are 25 per cent just by avoiding sugar, which cancer loves. Radiation also kills your immune system healthy cells. Talk about expensive treatment that doesnt appear to be covered by Medicare!

Would you invest in a three per cent success rate and have a miserable life to boot?

There are worldwide (including North America) therapies that have 70 to 75 per cent success rates of eradicating cancer for 25 years to lifetime.

Thermography reads the physiological changes going on in the breast and can alert to an abnormality when its just the size of a pinhead at the year or two stage, unlike mammograms, which are radiation-based (kill healthy cells), damaging cell walls surrounding a tumour.

Thermography treatment started in the early 80s. Cost appears high because it isnt covered by medicare. Same with naturopaths.

Why is this discrimination going on? Folks, cancer is big business.

Our growing group of concerned, average people are looking to fully inform you of alternatives. Cancer need not be a death sentence. And we are not putting on The Truth About Cancer series to convince you, or make money. We feel we are losing too many loved ones without accessing more effective resources to save lives. We believe in being fully informed.

Please consider that 143 professionals such as doctors, naturopaths, oncologists and survivors (some of which are doctors themselves) have come together from around the world in A Global Quest for a Cure. The series (Episode #3) will continue on Thursday , April 7th at David Thompson High School at 7 p.m. and continue weekly. You can catch up on the dynamic first two episodes at

It seems very appropriate that this healing valley would be an embryo of eradicating cancer.

Iris Meehan