Dear Editor:

My wife and I have owned a vacation property in Invermere for 10 years, and moved permanently to Invermere this year. While there are many positive reasons to live in the valley, weve come to realize that the quality of home services is not one of them. Be it home contractors for building, renovation, furnace repair, hot tub maintenance, etc., weve been regularly underwhelmed by local service providers.

The concerns range from a lack of punctuality (or not showing up at all), to deceptive or non-competitive pricing, to questionable quality workmanship, to a lack of appropriate qualifications by trades people, to a lack of appropriate equipment.

In our conversations with other residents of the valley, our experiences dont seem to be isolated.

As a solution, weve decided to try contractors from Cranbrook or Golden. This will obviously cost us more, and it remains to be seen if outside contractors can provide better services. But our hope is that service from afar cant be of lesser quality than what weve contracted locally.

I do feel sorry for local contractors that are ethical and provide quality services at competitive prices (Im sure they exist), as Im tarring them with the same brush as those with whom Ive unfortunately dealt. That said, I perceive that the local home service industry, as a whole, needs to raise its bar.

Scott Ferguson