Dear Editor:

I drove to Golden on April 19th to attend the federal election all-candidates meeting. I went there because I had heard that Conservative candidate David Wilks was going to honour the meeting with his presence, which he didnt do in Revelstoke and Kimberley.

Mr. Wilks was there, so I asked him why he had never answered my letters asking him to explain his position and his behaviour regarding the proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort while serving as a Regional District East Kootenay director.

Mr. Wilks did not tell me why he chose not to respond to my letters. Instead, he gave a three-minute history of the Jumbo Glacier Resort assessment process. In it he made a very startling statement. He claimed that the Regional District East Kootenay did not have the jurisdiction to rezone or not rezone the Jumbo Valley.

That is completely untrue and he knows that it is untrue. I have official documents to prove that his statement is false. Wilks was the driving force behind the Regional District giving up its power to decide the fate of the Jumbo Valley, thereby denying local citizens the right to have a say in the final decision-making.

Mr. Wilks does not deserve to be elected Member of Parliament for the riding of Kootenay-Columbia.

Jim Galloway