Dear Editor:

There are expectations of responsible dog ownership, and then theres fascism.

Train dogs to what? Not talk? Thats their language. Barks. And growls. And other guttural noises that comprise their forms of speech, of communication. Its how they express themselves. Its how they communicate with humans and other animals. They dont speak English. They speak Dog.

Yes, dogs are not allowed on the beaches. We dog owners get that. If a dog owner doesnt get that and takes their dog to the beach, then woe to them. There is a bylaw. And yes, some dog owners are irresponsible regarding local bylaws. Doesnt mean we all are.

As for walking our pets downtown; we shouldnt? Why not? Because you dont want to hear dogs talk? In town? Where everyone, including pets, are allowed to be? Are you serious? To hide your disdain for dogs under the guise of your dog would be happier at home just doesnt hide the fact that you dont want dogs allowed out into the world where people (you) might happen upon them.

There are 150 dogs registered to local owners in Invermere (that includes Athalmer and Wilmer). Thats almost five per cent of the permanent population of Invermere. Those are only the ones registered with the DOI. There are many more, I can tell you.

As for the bag dispensers for use by pet owners in cleaning up after their dogs provided by the DOI. There are ones located around town. And at Dorothy Lake, and the skateboard park, and a couple of the beaches. Because the DOI recognizes that there is a significant and permanent dog population in town. And rather than berate dog owners and attempt to curtail dog and owner activities as part of the Invermere on the Lake lifestyle, the DOI accommodates without shaming or punishing. Because they get it. Unlike some who feel compelled to write a letter to the editor rather than confront their own dog phobia/prejudice.

In the end, I thank you for sharing your prejudice. It can open up the eyes of so many who were previously blind to the dog shaming that so many practice towards local, permanent resident dogs and their owners.

Diana LeReverend