Columbia Valley Pioneer staff

Rocky Mountain School District No. 6 is reviewing a new policy to guide the board in case it has to name or rename one of its schools.

The issue was discussed at last week’s regular meeting, prefaced by a report.

Superintendent Karen Shipka told the Pioneer that Policy 2900 was initiated because the district does not have a policy that would guide this process should the need arise.  

Over the past year, the district moved all three alternate schools under the administration of one principal, Lisa Tenta, who is also the administrator for the Rocky Mountain Online Learning  School.  

“As part of this shift, a process was required to explore options for renaming these schools to better reflect the new school design,” Shipka said, adding they will initiate a committee process to rename these schools in light of the new policy. 

The policy states that the board would rename an existing school only in exceptional circumstances and after thorough study.

“Existing schools will not normally be renamed, however, we must recognize the colonial legacy in the naming of our schools,” the policy says, adding the district should keep in mind the naming protocols of the Ktunaxa, Secwe’pemc and Métis bands.

However, one piece of feedback the board received from a member of the public disagreed with renaming schools due to the current “negative political colonial legacy spin.”

The respondent goes on to say, “I am proud of the multi-generations of ancestors in Canada and what they have done – paying taxes and fought in two world wars for this country. I do not want schools renamed as more important protocols to be First Nation . . . we are all Canadians.”