Dear Editor:

I have to give the maintenance workers, council and town of Invermere a superior grade when it comes to the beautification of the downtown core, new cenotaph area and the eye-pleasing clean appearance of the town in general.

I know my visitors often make complimentary remarks regarding the flower gardens, hanging baskets and entrance from the highway.

That all ends when they taste our drinking water. Good thing the plants like the water because its not fit for human consumption.

Its a disgrace when viewed in context with such beautiful, natural surroundings. Something has to be done other than purchasing bottled water, which most likely comes from another towns tap water.

With all of the proposed amenities, rec centre, library, etc., siphoning off most of the money, maybe we could put a few bucks to good use when it comes to the quality and taste of our own drinking water.

R. Nemeth