By Joanne McQuarrie

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When you walk into Divine Curiosities, your senses are infused with all kinds of sights, textures and sounds. Even before you get inside, an array of tiny, shiny  metallic stars and shapes on the window sills and sidewalk are a delightful welcome.

“It’s an eclectic mix of metaphysical and spiritual supplies,” said owner, Deborah Fenton, who opened the store in March at the Radium Plaza.

“There are books, jewellery, locally-made perfume, soaps and bath salts, chocolate from the Slocan Valley, incense, the Essence of Sound product line-up – made in BC, crystals, artwork, clothing, new things, pre-loved things – just a mix of everything.”

As well, Fenton continues to do what she has done for years – readings. “People are usually blown away by the readings, she said, chuckling, “I’m blown away by the readings!”

Fenton said all the elements needed to get Divine Curiosities up and running fell into place and there’s been a flow ever since.“The grand opening was wonderful – it was all locals,” Fenton recalled of the spring time beginning. “Summer proved to be really successful with both visitors and the local community.”

Fenton grew up in Invermere but life took her here and there. She was running a business, ‘Divine Insights’, in Okotoks in 2020 when she “was called to come home”. 

She spent time with her mom, Bobbie, who passed away in April of 2021. Bobbie ran the well known Bobbie’s Cafe, which became a hub for small, intimate concerts. Before her journey took her elsewhere,  Fenton had a long standing commitment to the community. She  helped her mom at the cafe and organized and ran several events before she moved  on.

She feels that same commitment at Divine Curiosities. “It’s really my calling, to be of service,” Fenton said.