Dear Editor:

Regarding the ongoing teacher job action, I am wondering how many folks in the Columbia Valley have actually read both what the government has been stating and what the teachers union has been saying, and have then sat down and analyzed what the implications of each issue really and truly means.

I know we all read what one or the other says in the papers, and we all listen to the talking heads giving us their own perspective on the good or the bad of either side, but how many of us have actually read both sides of the discussion?

Have you, the reader, read the governments take or just listened to the talking heads on T.V.? Have you, the reader, actually read the unions view or just listened to the talking heads?

Talking heads can be anyone from the minister to the leader of the union, or the TV commentators to the editors of different papers.

I personally find it frightening how the rhetoric and the word phrasing on both sides has gotten so completely out of hand that the public, the teachers and the parents are completely at a loss with the truth or half-truths from both sides.

I have read the governments side, I have read the unions side, and their published factual comments and analysis. I have come to a position based on conflicting facts based on stated positions.

How many in the Columbia Valley have actually read, without the rhetoric and without the political biases, the two positions?

Not many, I am coming to believe.

David Pacey

Radium Hot Springs