Dear Editor:

I totally agree with Radium Hot Springs mayor Dee Conklin. She stated signs should be erected stating B.C.s laws, to Albertans, of speeding over the designated limit where you may get your vehicle confiscated for going 40 kilometres per hour over the speed limit.

Thats the way it should be. Anyone going that fast in a national park should be not only arrested, but hanged from the closest pine.

Unfortunately, most of us Albertans drive high powered SUVs and sport cars and we dont abide by your silly rules and laws. Perhaps if there were a big billboard like down in Montana about meth addictions, then we may slow down. They work.

Thats not the way I go, though. Ive been down to Cranbrook to see family and friends hundreds of times over the years, having lived in Calgary since 1979.

Ive always said, Do the limit, never get a ticket. It still works to this day.

Regards and Merry Christmas.

Dave Askew, Calgary