An adventure of a lifetime is in store for a group of David Thompson Secondary School (DTSS) students when they travel to Africa in March to volunteer their time in Ghana. The group was originally headed to Kenya to help build a  school but the country’s political unrest forced the students to choose Ghana as their new destination.

Anyone wanting to help with fundraising efforts for the trip can now do so the next time they swing by Invermere’s Bottle Depot located in the Industrial Park. When you bring in your bottles for recycling, just let the staff there know that you want the money for the bottles to go onto the account for the DTSS Ghana trip. The funds will help pay for mandatory immunization shots, the students’ visas, air ambulance fees if any of them require medical assistance, and general supplies. The cost for each student to participate is approximately $4,300. For more information, contact the trip’s leader Kerrie Purdy at [email protected].