Dear Editor:

We now have a committee of conservationists to deal with the deer problem in Invermere. These people have been trained to conserve the natural situation as it exists today, not to deal with the deer problem that we have at the moment.

Twenty years ago, there was no problem with the deer at all. Please conserve that.

The answer has been to fine the people who are feeding the deer. Everything you plant is feeding the deer.

Or, build a fence around your property. I would not like to see us turn our community into Kandahar or Kabul where every home is surrounded with walls or fences. I like the inviting appearance of our town as it is.

They tell us that there were 199 deer last fall. That will mean approximately 400 this year, 800 the next, and so on. You do the math.

This is an open invitation to the cougars, wolves, and any predator to come on in and have some fine dining. And for dessert, perhaps a cat or two or a dog. Small children are also on the menu.

We had best do something before it gets out of hand, if it is not already.

Len Burkitt