Dear Editor:

After becoming aware of the number of animals (mostly cats) in the valley that were taken by predators last year, the Invermere Companion Animal Network (ICAN) would like to make everyone aware that during the warmer months there is a higher risk of pets being hunted by wild animals.

This issue affects any animal that is outside, unsupervised, and is the right size to look tempting to a predator trying to find food. Predators include cougars, coyotes, and owls and eagles who hunt from above. These wild animals can live and hunt right in town.

We urge you to keep a close eye on your animal friends when they are outdoors and suggest spending time outdoors with them, walking them with a leash and harness, or building a safe enclosure for them to enjoy the outdoors in. Spaying and neutering your cat or dog can also help, as it will lessen their desire to wander off in search of a mate.

If you have lost or found a dog, please contact your local dog control officer. After contacting dog control, you can then call ICAN and we will be happy to immediately post a picture and detailed info of your pet on our website,

Lana Banham

Invermere Companion Animal Network