Dear Editor:

The leader of Germany and other politicians have decided the temperature of the planet will not be allowed to rise any more than two degrees like they can control the weather! They will accomplish this by taking the living daylights out of their citizens.

This kind of reminds me of King Kanut of Saxony, who thought he ruled by divine providence and so took his throne down to the seashore and commanded the tide not to come in. It did not work out too well for him!

The Premier of B.C. will increase the taxes for gasoline this July in the hope of stopping global warming. Oh and, by the way, the U.S. Solar Laboratory, as well as the U.S. Air Force research laboratory, are predicting a mini ice age by 2015 because of the lack of activity of the sun. Why has the mainstream media not reported this? Have they become the useful idiots for the eco-fascists that Lenin talked about?

Is there no politician in B.C. who will stand up to the eco fascists forcing this ridiculous policy on us? It was done with the H.S.T., why not the global warming farce?

Have you contacted the Premier? Have you contacted your MLA? Or are we just going to sit and take this manipulation by the eco fascists? At the very least we should try to impose some common sense on the people we have elected.

Len Burkitt