Dear Editor:

At David Thompson Secondary School, many students, particularly of the DTSS Boston Bruins hockey team apply themselves to challenging courses like Physics 12, Calculus 12 and Chemistry 12. The truth is that these male students, though they may seem different, always have one thing on their mind: hockey!

Unlike the Columbia Valley RCMP, the students dont need to practise for the annual DTSS Floor Hockey Tournament, as these students have hockey not as a part of their lives, but as a way of living.

To give credit to the RCMP hockey players, they definitely needed the extra practice, in fact, should probably practice more often after the brutal performance that was displayed in the DTSS Gymnasium on February 29th.

Perhaps these officers dont understand the objective of this sport: to get the puck into the opposing teams net, because the Bruins goaltender, Breton Trask, made it look easy as he shutout the cops. This challenge clearly stunned the cops as they started to play dirty, pushing the students, giving subtle slashes, like the not-overlooked slash by the RCMP Goaltender Grant Simpson, resulting in a penalty shot for the Bruins team.

Blake Beggs found this opportunity less than challenging, as a simple shot found its way into the back of the net. The frustrated team showed little defense after that penalty shot goal in the first period, as Brendan Sage poked in a simple empty netter, after a crucial goaltending flaw.

With this lack of defense, it would be assumed that the cops would generate some kind of offence, but that is a false assumption. The RCMP Team walked away, heads down, with a 2-0 loss against the seemingly unbeatable Bruins hockey team. Perhaps they will try up golf or bowling instead? Any sport less physically straining would be a better option. How do they have wives?

Boston Bruins

David Thompson Secondary School