Dear Editor:

In the summer of 2020 as Covid-19 was setting its sights on The Columbia Valley my wife and I were not looking forward to cabin fever. We both love the outdoors and began to think about what we could do together safely to enjoy the mountains and valleys of the area. Hence came our E-bikes. Being in our early 70’s it became increasingly difficult to manoeuvre a pedal bike up a hill. (More so for me.) We decided to invest in 2 E-bikes and have not looked back. The bikes make it easy to scale a hill, travel for up to 60 km and go for sightseeing and picnics. They have made a huge difference in our outdoor lives.

Both bikes have pedal assist as well as a separate throttle, speedometer, battery remaining power indicator and disc brakes to mention a few amenities. The seats are foam cushioned and adjustable, handlebars are adjustable and with the 500 watt motor there is power to spare. What a joy to be able to zip along Legacy Trail and other locations while experiencing the outdoors.

There is a carrier over the rear wheel, lights on front and rear along with splash fenders to keep you clean if you run through a puddle. Velocity is fully controllable by you and the bikes handle easily at both low and higher speeds. With 6 levels of power assist and 7 gear selections you can climb most hills with ease. Stopping is simple with the dual disc brakes.

We do not ride our bikes off road so we do not affect any habitat. I would encourage you to check these wonderful modes of transportation out. If you buy local you will be able to obtain service if and when required and you will be supporting your local dealer. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy biking and sightseeing.

Perry Rose
Radium Hot Springs