Dear Editor:

We all will be paying more taxes on any carbon-based fuel come this July to prevent a man-made global warming crisis. Oh yes, they do not call it that any more. Its now climate change. Just like what has been happening for thousands of years.

I know from personal experiences working in greenhouses that carbon dioxide is the most beneficial gas on the planet. Without it, no vegetation would exist. Hence, no life.

The eco-fascists have taken over. These unelected fear-mongering fascists have taken over the political agenda of our elected representatives. Why the politicians do not stand up to the misinformed propaganda of these fascists is beyond my understanding. However, they do seem to have convinced lots of people (useful idiots as Lenin called them) to support their warped take on the climate just so they can have power and control.

Climate be damned, hence the cap and trade fiasco. Give me money and you can pollute all you want. But the glaciers are melting! Please, where would you like them to stop? Perhaps in Montana? That would be a good place but how would we live in Invermere if that was so?

But the glaciers are melting at a faster rate than ever before! Any person with any knowledge of an ice box will know that the less ice you have, the faster it melts. But the Arctic sea ice is melting! Where will the polar bears hunt and the seals give birth? What did they do when the area was a tropical forest? Do you think they would use the land?

They are not dumb. The past few years we have had more record lows than highs. The summer that never was last year, and this winter never seemed to end.

It is time for all people with any degree of common sense to stand up to the eco-terrorists and fear mongers. Write to your MLAs and MPs. Write to your local papers.

Let your voice be heard.

Do not let these unelected non-governmental organizations control our lives.

Len Burkitt