The FIFA World Cup in Brazil is halfway done, and even if you aren’t a soccer fan, that’s still no reason not to catch any of the international action in the final two weeks.

Despite Canada’s absence from the tournament (which comes as no surprise; the one and only time our True North Strong and Free participated was in 1986), CBC is doing a fantastic job — as always — covering the event, the games and the players.

But they’ve truly outdone themselves this time around. Maybe it’s the inspiration of Brazil with its wildly colourful Amazon and culture. The visual elements in between game footage, the special effects on the screen highlighting instant replays, and the eye-catching sports desk boasting some of the best announcers in the country all contribute to a multi-media delight that makes the most of what technology today has to offer. Stream a game live over the internet, and you can learn all about the players, the teams, their strategies and the game stats as they happen thanks to a handy tool bar at the top of your computer screen. Before you know it, you’ll be immersed in the storytelling leading up to the question that is gripping billions around the world: which country’s team is going to win?

Aside from the creative bonanza this global event offers, this World Cup is exploding with passion and drama. Like actors on a stage, the players exude their ecstasy or suffer their agony for all the world to see in the 12 soccer stadiums that serve as the venues.

And at this point in the tournament,  the world’s most outstanding soccer stars are starting to emerge with some of the most skillful ball handling, strategy and strength ever displayed on a soccer pitch.

If that’s not enough to win you over, you might simply enjoy the feeling of being part of a world-wide celebration that is bringing cultures from around the world to one joyful common ground.