The Trans Canada Highway ties the country together,  symbolically and literally.

The valley doesn’t seem quite as remote as it could, thanks in no small part to the relatively close proximity of the crosscountry ribbon of asphalt that is the national highway,  less than a hour and a half away in Golden. Once on it, it’s a straightforward (albeit long) cruise down to the coast, off into the prairies or all the way down east.

Unfortunately one of the stretches most useful to valley residents — the section over  Roger’s Pass between Golden and Revelstoke — is in comparatively rough shape and is for much of the way but a single lane in each direction, greatly slowing the drive from Invermere out to the coast.

Encouraging, then, to hear, as per Dan Walton’s story Politicians discuss upgrades to Trans Canada, that politicians are discussing the idea of upgrades and adding more lanes. Although politicians of different stripes seem to have different opinions, at least everybody seems to acknowledge something needs to be done.