Dear Editor:

I am appalled by Kelsey Verbooms editorial, What a Mess. I am a founding member of the Invermere Deer Protection Society and am most happy to have helped to saved the lives of 81 does and who knows how many fawns.

Where was it publicly written that people would be allowed to traumatize and murder our live deer caught in a clover trap? It was when we found out the method of reducing the deer numbers in town that the Invermere Deer Protection Organization got involved. Yes, we did make ourselves known, we did have colourful signs and yes, we did make a difference.

I remember, in the past there was a skunk problem in the town limits. They were trapped and taken out to the bush. Why such a harsh decision for the deer?

There is a lot we can do to prevent issues with deer: plant vegetation they dont like to eat; call the bylaw officer every time you know someone is feeding them; and most importantly, when they have their fawns, be deer aware, give them a wide berth and keep your dogs on leashes. This also applies in the fall, when the bucks are in rut. It is all about education.

The IDPO went tothe Council meeting on March 13th, and it was mentioned that a lot of neighbourly damage had been done through this whole process and it was agreed that we all would try to mend fences. From what I read, Kelsey, you are not doing your part. I wonder, did you witness a deer being murdered?

Sylvia Walker, Invermere