by Stephen Lebovits


In the 1956 black and white, dramatic comedy film “Full of Life”, expectant parents Nick and Emily must reevaluate their lives and the things that they value most. Jump ahead 47 years, and financial advisor Kimberly Kiel had to do the same thing, but her decision was colourfully bold and brazen – she chose art.

Twenty years on, Kiel continues creating vibrant, thickly textured oil paintings, which have not only personally fulfilled her more than finance ever did, but have also pleased many people who have seen and purchased one of her pieces.

Her philosophy is simple. Be. Here. Now. Fully live each moment of every day, no matter your age.

“I receive the same number of seconds each and every day and can’t carry them forward, so I work hard to intentionally ’spend’ them all, and I intend to do so until there aren’t any left,” she muses from her newly-completed home studio, just outside Balgonie, Saskatchewan, from within which she sculpts her wildly popular rich florals, vivid landscapes/treescapes, as well as her elegant & whimsical activity scenes.

Seismically shifting from left to right brain activity, Kiel relishes the positive life changes that painting has brought her.

“I get to truly embrace, embody, and live my creativity every single day, in a way that completely resonates with who I am – it’s a wonderful way to get to spend my time,” she enthuses about her career choice.

“The sense of well-being that painting brings definitely affects all other areas of my life and what I am able to bring to them!”

Eschewing any desire for complexity in creating her pieces, Kiel primarily uses copious amounts of oil paints and palette knives, along with some cold wax, sheet music, and copper leaf.

“Simplicity, for me, is a beautiful concept and way to approach life.”

Note taken!

To enjoy her newest collection, Full of Life, please drop into Effusion Art Gallery from May 20-27, or visit them online at It’ll be well worth it!